Adam Miller Photography | About
My early days in the high school dark room took a back seat to, well, other "stuff." In the never-ending battle to find free time, one's hobbies must fight for their owners attention...certainly I wasn't the first to experience the phenomenon. It had been years since I picked up a camera.

Traveling (the more successful hobby!), never strayed far from my heart - whether exploring a new part of San Francisco or skipping the country to bottom out my savings account. It was only a matter of time before traveling and photography fused...and that's exactly what happened. I left my career in finance and set off for Asia with little else than my newly purchased "moment-capturing" device. Within hours I realized I was not only hooked, but nurturing a full-blown addiction.

As I continue to grow/travel/live/&learn, photography will be my creative outlet - my way of expressing deeper thought and perspective. There is so much to see and experience in the world - it's beauty is intoxicating. I hope the snapshots I share inspire something inside you, as they have within me. Enjoy!!!